Bronson Boys

Portrait Markus Brunkau

DR. Markus Brunkau, “Hombre”

Beautiful Bass, Sexy Sonoritiy

„Oh Lord, I’ve been all around this world (and already in every kind of band)!”

Born and raised in Nordhessen


Christian Dellemann, “The Long One”

Drums, Strings, SingSings

„Oh Lord, he sings so high, he makes the angels cry!”

Born and raised in Marl (NRW)

Portrait Jens

Jens Maienschein, “The Heinz”

Heavenly Harmonica-Hymns, Percussion-Power, tiefste Töne

„Oh boys, this electric music is too loud for my ears, let’s do more bluegrass music!“

Born and raised in Nordhessen

René Schneider

René Schneider, “Baldheaded Bill”

Softsing, Hardsing, Nearly everysing, Strings, Philosophy

„Oh Lord, we need more psychedelic elements…and I wanna take off my shirt!”

Born and raised in Nordhessen